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Teresa S wrote:

09 October 2013

Also I needed my color redone as I messed it up doing my own touch up at home (never again) but I was also on a time budget because I was going to a party and them to Aruba the next day so I was anxious to fix my hair obviously. They had me in for color with Gabriella and then a blowout with Royce who is just awesome. The color was done just in time and looked lovely but it seemed that Royce was a little backed up and Jen, knowing I was on a time budget asked if I would like to go to Stephanie for the blow out since I was going to her before she left on maternity leave-or of course I could wait just a little longer for Royce. I was so appreciative of the concern for time so I went to Stephanie and was equally pleased with my blow out. In addition, I would just like to say that sometimes my schedule and theirs do not coincide and seeing as to how they are next to each other- neither girl makes me feel uncomfortable that I'm with the other as you definitely sometimes are made to feel in other salons which is why I leave!

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