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Sophia Baldeo wrote:

29 January 2011

I have been to many spas including Maximus, Spa190/Salon Blue, Christie and Co, and Borgata Spa. I have never had a European Facial as amazing as the one I had at Frasada on Saturday. I visited the spa on Saturday morning for a tour and was greeted by a very friendly staff both upstairs and downstairs. Even before I arrived at the spa all of my questions were answered over the phone in a very patient manner. I then booked a 4pm facial and bought a series of 6. Monica did my facial and she was simply amazing w/extractions. I love love love your spa and can't wait to come back. I did not know about the e-club and would like to join but I already purchased my 6 series. Can those $'s be applied to a new membership if I sign up now? I would greatly appreciate it.

Admin : Wonderful to hear Sophia. It is a joy and a pleasure to be adding you as one of our loyal clients. Speak to us when you come in for your next Facial and we will see what can be done in regards to your membership!

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